Quintessenza Consulting links individual, organisation and global transformation.   


Founded by Penelope (Penny) Mavor in 2009, it is a freelance consultancy proud to collaborate with inspired individuals and organisations. 

Internationally experienced, ICF coaching accredited with a background in sustainable development and strategy, we work with leaders from all walks of life.  From designing and delivering leadership programmes to coaching 1:1,  we show up fully with people in a way which is compassionate and courageous. 

Clients include United Nations (FAO and IFAD), DirectLine, Nissan Europe, Scott Bader (via Impact International): Ericsson (via RedThread), Unilever (via Wild Courage) Oracle, DSM, Centrica Energy, UK NHS, Greggs, Argos (via Lane4), Medici Senza Frontiere (volunteer basis), Civil Protection Authority, Innovaacom, Pfizer.