With its wide range of stakeholders “sustainability is the ultimate team sport”.   To learn how to work as an effective team,  requires quality time together, particularly if you are an international executive board or a multicultural virtual team. 


Quintessenza Consulting will build your capacity for working with others for a common goal.


You will learn to enhance mutual understanding and engage in real conversations.  You will experience what mindful communication is, how creativity emerges from diverse perspectives and what collective energy and commitment feels like.


We will not only develop the team, in a parallel process you will learn to carry these experiences to your partnership working and stakeholder dialogue.


From the Malaysia Room in UN FAO HQ*, to the beaches in Sabaudia and hideaways in Tuscany and Sicily,  we have facilitated retreats to help teams explore their big issues – whether that be business strategy, themes of rural poverty and gender equality or their own team dynamics and development.


*in partnership with Impact Italia



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